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Fredericton is the knowledge-based industry capital of the province, the startup capital of Canada and is known for its surplus of high-skill jobs spanning a number of vital sectors.

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Fredericton is known for its reputation as an innovative and forward-thinking smart city. The career opportunities in Fredericton reflect that reputation. The city is a national-leader in the Cybersecurity, Information Technology, Financial Services and Tech, Agriculture and Agritech, Digital Health and Craft Alcohol industries.

While Fredericton is known for its high-skill careers, there are opportunities for people of all skill-levels across many sectors. Discover the jobs and careers currently available in this small city with big opportunity.


Key Sectors

Fredericton produces success stories in almost every sector, thanks to an incredibly rich talent pool, impressive R&D capabilities and advanced digital infrastructure. But in certain sectors, Fredericton gives business a leg up. offering distinct competitive advantages over other regions of Canada and the world.

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Workplace Diversity and Culture

In Fredericton, all voices are welcome on the job site and in the office. Creating and maintaining a workplace culture of engagement, empowerment and trust facilitates creativity, productivity, communication and openness. Fredericton companies have created such positive workplace cultures that the city’s job-tenure rate is double the U.S. average, meaning people stick around and for good reason.

World-Class Work-Life Balance

In Fredericton, you can work a highly-skilled job with a global company, all the while living a 15-minute commute away from the office, a grocery store, entertainment, restaurants and everything else the city has to offer. These short commute times, paired with Fredericton’s high average household income, leaves more time for family, friends, activities, exercise and more.

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Immigrants from all around the world have chosen Fredericton for access to world-class opportunities, competitive salary and short commute time.

John Doe, Siemens
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John Doe, Siemens
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