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Big-city excitement meets the charm of a small town. Fredericton’s citizens consistently rank life in their city with an A+ grade. Learn more about what the capital city of New Brunswick has to offer.

Welcome to the Fredericton region, a community with the perfect mix of brains and beauty

People from all over the world call this vibrant city home and enjoy its supportive community, ample opportunity and satisfying lifestyle. High-skill jobs and short commute times mean that Frederictonians have more time for friends and family, all the while enjoying a cleaner, greener lifestyle. Learn more about the Fredericton region and what life is like in New Brunswick’s capital city.

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Digitally-advanced, smart community

Fredericton has been named one of the world’s top seven intelligent communities, Startup Capital of Canada and was ranked the number one location in Canada and America for low cost of business. These accolades are a testament to Fredericton’s dedication to fostering a smart community and driving innovation and digital development. With leading-edge programs like the Digital Product Development Living Lab, which helps build, test, refine and launch digital innovations, it’s no wonder Fredericton houses 70% of the province’s knowledge-based industries.

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Learn more about this acclaimed Maritime city

Before you plan your move, there’s so much to learn about New Brunswick’s capital region. Here’s some information and resources that you should explore before you immigrate to Fredericton.

Events and Activities

Fredericton is a lively city with plenty to do for people of all ages and families of all sizes. With plenty of local entertainment, parks, trails, activities and events, Fredericton has something for everyone.



Fredericton is home to one of the province’s largest hospitals and a number of clinics and family practitioners. Frederictonians can access these institutions and services, without-charge, through New Brunswick Medicare.



Low amounts of traffic and excellent public transportation make commuting in Fredericton a breeze. Learn more about transportation options available in the city.


Settlement Services

Fredericton cares for its citizens. It’s for this reason that the city, province and country invests in social support infrastructure. When people need assistance, a helping hand is there waiting. Learn more about the social support systems available in the city.


Childcare and Education

Fredericton has school systems that offer both English and French education. Early childhood and after-school care are available in the city as well. The Fredericton region is also home to nationally-acclaimed post-secondary institutions. Here is everything you need to know.


Housing Options

Moving to a new city isn’t easy. Moving to a new country is even more difficult. Housing can be one of the first concerns. Fredericton’s housing market features plenty of options for buyers and renters with prices well below the national average.


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Immigrants from all around the world have chosen Fredericton for access to world-class opportunities, competitive salary and short commute times.

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John Doe, Siemens
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