Access to Universal Healthcare

Canadians place great importance on high-quality healthcare, and Fredericton is certainly no exception. Through the New Brunswick Medicare system, the province’s citizens and permanent residents gain access to Canada’s Universal Healthcare. Fredericton is home to high-quality medical facilities, practitioners and services.

New Brunswick Medicare

New Brunswick Medicare is a provincially administered plan that enables New Brunswick residents to access insured healthcare services. Medicare comes in the form of a card which will be required upon any visit to the hospital, doctor or clinic. To apply for health insurance coverage under NB Medicare, please see the resource below:

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Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital

The Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital is Fredericton’s premiere medical institution. This hospital is one of the largest in the province and features a 24/7 emergency room. This hospital is equipped to perform and fulfill the majority of procedures and medical services.
In the case of a medical emergency, utilize the 9-1-1 Emergency Service to contact a dispatcher who will send an Ambulance to the requested location. The ambulance will then take the patient to the hospital.

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Tele-Care NB

Tele-Care is a bilingual medical information telephone line offered by the New Brunswick Department of Health. Experienced nurses respond to your calls and medical inquiries 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. These nurses can provide professional recommendations on a wide array of medical situations. Call 811 to access Tele-Care NB.



Fredericton’s clinics and after-hours clinics allow for the quick consultation with a doctor regarding non-emergency care. If the treatment required is life-threatening, New Brunswick’s Emergency Service should be contacted. Clinics require Medicare cards, or alternatively, a small fee for those who don’t have Medicare but wish to consult a doctor.


Family Doctors

Fredericton has many family practitioners but getting you and your family set up with a doctor isn’t always easy. Patient Connect NB is a provincial partnership that helps New Brunswickers find family doctors. New Brunswickers without a primary healthcare provider can register with Patient Connect NB and will be assigned to a provider on a first-come, first-serve basis.



Fredericton is home to more than 40 dentists so your dental checkups will never be too far away. To find a running list of dentists in the city, please see the resource below:



Vision care is important. If you or your family are struggling with vision, you should visit an optometrist. Fredericton is home to more than 25 eye doctors. To find an optometrist, please see the resource below: