Fredericton's Local
Immigration Partnership

A collaborative community initiative designed to improve newcomer settlement, integration and strengthen Fredericton’s ability to better address the needs of immigrants.

Fredericton's Local Immigration Partnership (FLIP) was formed in May 2015 by the Fredericton community with the support of the Canadian Federal Government (IRCC). Led by Ignite Fredericton, its purpose is to establish a welcoming and inclusive community through multi-level collaboration.

The long-term vision for Local Immigration Partnership's is to support the development of multi-sectorial partnerships at the local community level to:

Integrate newcomer's needs into the community planning process.
Identify specific strategic priorities.
Implement a strategy and action plan to improve newcomer experiences.

Fredericton's Local Immigration Partnership (FLIP) consists of an advisory board called the Newcomer Partnership Council and four core working groups which are:

Cultural Inclusion Network
Poverty Reduction Network
Inclusion Network
Wealth Creation Retention Network
As well as two collaborative working groups which are:
Business Advocacy Committee for Newcomer Entrepreneurs
Governed by the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce
Cultural Diversity & Advisory Committee for Public Safety
Governed by the Fredericton Police Force