Education System

Education is highly valued in Canada. Fredericton is no exception. The city is equipped with the educational infrastructure and institutions required to take students from early childhood all the way to post-secondary education.

The New Brunswick School System

Fredericton’s public schools are governed by the provincial school system. The city is home to two school districts, one Anglophone (English speaking) district and a Francophone (French speaking) district. There are 35 Anglophone schools in the Fredericton area and two Francophone schools. Both school systems educate children from kindergarten (approximately age five) up through to Grade 12 (approximately age 17).


Anglophone School

Fredericton has many English-language education programs, as well as French language immersion programs, options and institutions. Schools are generally divided into:

Elementary school: Kindergarten through Grade five.
Middle School: Grades six through eight.
High School: Grades nine through 12.

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Francophone School

The Francophone School system operates parallel to the Anglophone system. Students will learn much of the same content as the Anglophone system with the the major difference being the content is taught in French. Francophone schools in Fredericton are divided as follows:

Elementary school: Kindergarten through Grade five.
High School: Grades six through 12.

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Early-Childhood Care and After-School Care

Family members can’t always be around to look after younger children. Fredericton has a number of daycare options for children under the age of five and after-school care for children five years or older. Explore the options available in the city.

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Support Resources

There are a number of organizations that specialize in helping Fredericton’s newcomers enroll their children into the public school system.  If needed, organizations like the Multicultural Association of Fredericton are here to help.


Post-Secondary Education

Home to seven post-secondary institutions, Fredericton is an excellent city to choose when pursuing higher education. Students may study a vast selection of programs and strive towards a number of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate degrees and diplomas. For more information on post-secondary options in the city, please see the reference below: