Cultural Organizations

People from all over the world live in New Brunswick’s capital region. The city’s cultural organizations help celebrate Fredericton’s diverse population while simultaneously supporting newcomers.

Multicultural Association of Fredericton (MCAF)

MCAF is chiefly responsible for promoting and fostering a positive and welcoming community for Fredericton’s newcomers. They provide support and programming for the city’s multicultural population. Whether for entertainment or for the well-being of Fredericton’s newcomers, MCAF is always hosting events or launching programs to promote and support the city’s multicultural population.


New Brunswick Multicultural Council (NBMC)

The New Brunswick Multicultural Council is a bilingual not-for-profit committed to serving immigrant associations and populations in Fredericton, and other parts of the province, through lobbying efforts, community events and programs. NBMC provides a number of newcomer resources targeting at helping foster immigration to the province.


Centre Communautaire Sainte Anne (CCSA)

Centre Communautaire Sainte Anne is the hub of Fredericton’s Francophone community. The community centre is home to a daycare, public school, theatre public library and a health centre. CCSA host social events, concerts, art shows, churches services and much more.


Other Associations

Fredericton is home to a large number of multicultural associations spanning a diverse range of cultures. Here are a few of the multicultural organizations operating in the city.

Asian Heritage Society of NB

Multicultural Association of Fredericton (MCAF)

Nepali Association of NB

Chinese Cultural Association of New Brunswick

Filipino Association of New Brunswick

Filipino-Canadian CommUNITY of New Brunswick

Fredericton Islamic Association

Iranian Canadian Association of NB

Iraqi Association of Fredericton

Irish Canadian Cultural Association of NB

Japanese Association of Fredericton

Jewish Synagogue

NB African Association

NB Scottish Cultural Association Inc.